Training Schedule April/May 2019

The last training in Kerikeri will be on the 9th of April at Springbank School, restart is on the 7th of May at The Dojo at Bay Sports Complex, Harmony Lane, Waipapa. The last training at the Kamo Hall will be the 3rd of April and restart is on the 8th of May. I will […]

Auckland Classics 2019

First tournament of the season and it was also the first tournament ever for some of our members. Everyone did very well, Hunter won all his kata rounds, Ethan had a great ippon, Yuko scored in a very tough group, Rongomai won her senior competition and the tournament was well organized.

Tournament Dates 2019

We are planing to go to the following tournaments this year: Auckland Classics, 10th of March, Netball Center, Stonefields, Auckland Central North Island Championship, 24th of March, Tauranga Northland Open, 7th of April, ASB Sports house, Whangarei Australian Open, 14/15th of April, Sydney NZ Open, 19/20th of April, Christchurch Auckland Championship, 19th of May, Stonefields, […]

End of the year/holiday schedule 2018/19

Last training in Kerikeri will be Tuesday the11th of December, restart in 2019 is on the 05th of February. Last training in Whangarei will be on the 19th of December, restart in 2019 is on the 9th of January. On the 15th of December we have a combined training and grading at the Kamo Hall, […]

Shihan Naka Gasshuku in Auckland September 2018

3 days of training with JKA’s Shihan Naka in Auckland, great to see that the teaching is more and more focused on budo karate rather than just sports karate. It was inspiring and a big thanks to JKA for hosting these events and to let us participate!

Training schedule October 2018

Jurgen will be in Japan for training soon… The last training in Whangarei is on the 26th of September and restart on the 31st of October. The last training in Kerikeri is on the 18th of September and Term 4 starts on the 30th of October. If anyone wants some homework please let us know…….

Sugihara Cup 2018 (12August)

A good day for Kenseikan at the Sugihara Cup in Auckland, Rongomai came second in the Kata Female Senior Open, Yuko won the Veteran Kata and Jurgen came second in the veteran kata and claiming gold in the 45 plus category.        

Kerikeri School Holiday Schedule July 18

The last training at Springbank school is on the 3rd of July and Term 3 starts on the 24th of July. All Kerikeri member with karate withdrawal symptoms can come to Whangarei on Wednesdays for training!! No break in Whangarei!

Auckland Secondary School Championship 2018

Winner in the girls 16/17 year premier Kata category:

Oceania Cup 2018

Some pics from the Oceania Cup 2018        

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