About Kenseikan

Keseikan Karatedo is a Shotokan karate style.Shotokan is the biggest karate style worldwide and Kenseikan is only Shotokan  dojo in the Whangarei area. It is a non commercial style, that means all instructors do not earn money for their teaching. All member fees are there to cover costs for the hall rental and other expenses. As we don’t want to make a financial gain we can offer membership fees which are affordable for everyone.We want to create an open environment for everybody to do training under the Kenseikan guidelines. We have no restrictions about age, race, gender and all members treat each other with respect in a polite and inclusive manner. Be hard to yourself and gentle to others. Leave your ego, your anger and aggression outside the training hall.

NZ Karatedo Kenseikan is an active member at the official NZ national body, Karate New Zealand and all students can participate in the official tournaments as well as on invitation tournaments from other clubs and organisations. Our instructor is also the Northland representative for Karate Auckland the local arm from Karate NZ.

Kancho and founder of Kenseikan was Kazutoshi Oda (1964 – 2018)


Kenseikan is based in the Toyama prefecture in Japan with several branch dojos within the prefecture. Outside Japan there are several dojos in Australia, Sri Lanka and now also in Whangarei and Kerikeri, NZ.

Head Quarter:

Japan Karatedo Kenseikan
244-5 Furumyoujin Imizu-City
Toyama 933-0224



Murakumo Sensei at the Japan Masters in Kanazawa 2015