Northland Open 2018

On the 8th of April we had 13 members starting at the Northland Open in Whangarei. For 10 of them it was the first tournament. We got great results with 3 gold (Malindi, Keira and Rongomai), 5 silver and 3 bronze. Everyone enjoyed the tournament and it was a good experience to gain some confidence […]

Training Schedule April 2018

KERIKERI: No training on the 3rd of April, normal training on the 10th, then school holidays and term 2 starts on the 1st of May, WHANGAREI: last training on the 28th of March and the next one is on ANZAC Day, 25th of April. DON’T FORGET THE NORTHLAND OPEN!! 8th of April 9.30 at Kensington […]

Auckland Classics 2018

Auckland classics today! Everyone was a bit excited but it all went well, Rongomai and Raven won their category, great work for the first tournament. Yuko and Tia have been upgraded to a higher level group and both finished 4th, that was also a great achievement. Thanks to all the supporters driving all the way […]

Yasurakani Onemuri Kudasai Oda Sensei

With our deepest regrets we have to inform you that our Sensei, Friend and Mentor Kazutoshi Oda suddenly and totally unexpected passed away. We are in shock, speechless about that tragic loss. We lose the most encouraging, supportive and hospitable friend. You will always stay in our hearts. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu Oda Sensei, Yasurakani Onemuri […]

End of the term Grading/Beach Training

On Saturday the 16th of December we will have a training at the Kamo Hall at 3pm, at the end of the training we have the grading. In the evening we have a Japanese dinner an party and on Sunday morning we will go to Ocean Beach for beach training! All students can stay overnight […]

Training September/October 2017

On the 20th we will leave to Japan, everybody gets excited! Last training will be on the 19th in Kerikeri and then back to normal from the 16th of October in Maungakaramea. During that time no training!!

Training schedule June 17

There will be no training in Kerikeri on the 13th and also no training in Whangarei on the 14th of June! All back to normal after next week!

No Training in Maungakaramea on the 29th of May

Due to work commitments I won’t be able to do the training on Monday the 29th of May. But we will be back on the 5th of June, so enjoy some training on a holiday!

Pics from the beach training 18.12.2016


Holiday Schedule Summer 2016/17

Kerikeri: Last training is on the 13th of December and the first training in 2017 is on the 24th of January!   Whangarei: Last training is on the 21st of December back on the 4th of January (no training on the 18th of January!   Maungakaramea: Last training is on the 22nd of December and […]

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